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If you’re a business owner who is frustrated or overwhelmed by the complexities of fixing or forming an effective, high-performing sales organization, then you’ll benefit from a partnership with Commonwealth Consulting.

Commonwealth Consulting provides business owners immediate help! We are part of a nationally recognized team of experts known for delivering sustainable sales-performance improvement to our clients. We will not only create a successful strategy & sales process (customized specifically for your business) we’ll then execute that strategy for you (12 months) … to ensure your success! 

You can acquire the experience and wisdom of a VP of Sales with 25+ years’ experience for a fraction of the salary it would take to hire one. You need to run your business; … Let Commonwealth-Consulting run your sales team.

We’ve worked with dozens of industries so we know what works and what doesn’t. Mike Dugan, MBA is part of a national cohort of C-Suite level sales executives. We all work independently but have the benefit of every advisor’s collective executive sales experience – across all industries.

Build & Keep A Sales Force

Stop losing salespeople today!

To grow your revenue, you must have the “right” sales professionals on your team.  Yet each business is uniquely different! This 5-minute video will help you understand the salesperson’s mindset. Mike Dugan has a proven track-record of recruiting and retaining strong sales people.  After all, he has successfully and consistently built strong sales organizations for over 25 years! 

Call Mike and leverage his experience, ensuring you get the “right” sales professionals onboard your unique organization today!

Boost Your Sales Team 

Take existing players and build them up! 

Your sales teams are your champions. At times, they need some guidance in the right direction. You may have members who may not be fulfilling their actual potential – but that can be changed!
Call Mike today to get your team rolling!

Supply The Roadmap To Success

An effective sales process works- it just does. But if your sales team does not have a “sales-process” then growth will be extremely difficult – if not impossible.  A “sales-process” is simply a highly repeatable “road-map” for sales success.  It allows your sales people to easily understand each step to take in order to achieve consistent sales success!  Wouldn’t it be nice to show each new and existing sales professional in your organization a successful & repeatable pathway to sales success?  Mike has built and customized hundreds of sales-processes over the years.  Allow him to build your organization a highly successful 5-7 step repeatable “sales-process” unique to your sales organization! 

Call Today To Get More Information!

Stop The Revolving Door! 

Get your sales turnover rate under control! 

Knowing what to look for when hiring a sales professional is a huge key in assembling an effective sales team! Knowing exactly “what skills and abilities” to look for can cut your turnover rate dramatically! Understanding how to uncover sales-desire, competency and important background issues that will affect performance – are essential when making the right hire.   

Stop The Revolving Door of Sales People Today!

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Mike Dugan, MBA
Virginia Beach, VA
Cell: 757-679-4321

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I have known Mike Dugan professionally for over twenty years. Sales leadership and execution are his specialty. He has a strong command of both operational and strategic business planning. Whether it is recruiting, key customer development, business development, coaching or succession planning, Mike implements each with a high degree of accuracy and sustainability. Mike’s character is represented by unwavering integrity, honesty and a relentless focus on executing what is right. Serving in the United States military as a Navy fighter pilot, Mike knows the importance of making critical decisions with a high sense of urgency. I view Mike Dugan as an asset that turns opportunities into results!

Paul Hanchin

President, Nuvectra Medical