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What People Say About Us
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I have known Mike Dugan professionally for over twenty years. Sales leadership and execution are his specialty. He has a strong command of both operational and strategic business planning. Whether it is recruiting, key customer development, business development, coaching or succession planning, Mike implements each with a high degree of accuracy and sustainability. Mike’s character is represented by unwavering integrity, honesty and a relentless focus on executing what is right. Serving in the United States military as a Navy fighter pilot, Mike knows the importance of making critical decisions with a high sense of urgency. I view Mike Dugan as an asset that turns opportunities into results!

Paul Hanchin

President, Nuvectra Medical

Mike Dugan is the most knowledgeable and experienced sales expert I have ever encountered. I was most impressed with his ability to build up a sales and marketing process in minute detail. In addition to that, Mike worked at my pace, which enabled me to figure out the right conclusions for my business. I highly recommend Mike. His focused approach will get your sales team on the right track.

Simon Matthews

CEO & President, Open Door Media Solutions, LLC

Our team worked with Mike Dugan for about 6 months, and he was able to accomplish in less than 2 months, what
I had been trying to accomplish for 2 years. He took time with each employee, earned their trust and was
successful in getting open and honest feedback from all the employees. He pulled data and used his expertise in
sales and leadership, to recommend changes in our company that has proven to be a successful and profitable
change for 2 years and counting. Mike is always happy to help whenever we need it, he offers his knowledge and
experience to help us achieve our goals. He didn’t just consult us on sales growth, but also growth for the company
morale, and individual growth. Mike was instrumental in our company growing in the right direction.

Katy Norton

Vice President, Norton Sandblast Equipment

Get Mike on your team. He has incredible insight into the sales process and driving revenue that only comes from a lifetime of study, practice, and mastery. He’s the real deal. He’ll probably challenge you but it’s for the best. I saw tangible, significant results in my sales inside of a month of working with Mike and now I’m hiring again.

Blake H.

CEO, Skills Co. and Bay Crawlspace & Foundation Repair

I receive a lot of cold calls my phone, email and even LinkedIn from companies offering to help me build my business. Mike was one of those cold calls, but his personal and personalized approach stands head and shoulders above the others. Because they work from a script, most make invalid assumptions about me or my business and the first contact may even be a computer-generated phone call that I terminate immediately, thus claim they can help me to bring in more “walk-in” customers, when I do not have a conventional “store front” and my clients have always been predominantly from outside of Virginia. When a cold call is indeed more personalized, I will tailor my reply to respond to a point or two in the message, and rarely receive a follow-up. Mike did respond and I was impressed with the insight of his follow-up questions of me and the amount of time he spent with me discussing my business. Clearly he takes time to get to know his customers and their businesses and makes no attempt to oversell or do a “bait & switch”. Ultimately, he said that he could not provide the services which would most benefit me, but would do some research to identify other resources he could recommend, and I had the same within 24 hours!

Michael Elwood Pollock

Inventor, Owner, Clean Room in a Box

Mike Dugan was instrumental to the success of Medinol USA serving as our VP of National Sales. His vast sales leadership experience and his thorough understanding of the sales process make him a highly precious commodity for any organization looking to reach “the next level.” He is highly disciplined, very creative, and holds himself to an extremely high level of accountability and performance. I have met few sales leaders with a higher degree of competency. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Mike, grab it! Sachi Gerlitz, President, Sales & Markeing, Medinol; Former CEO of Ness Technologies Inc. (NSTC)

Sachi Gerlitz

President, Sales and Marketing

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Mike Dugan, MBA
Virginia Beach, VA
Cell: 757-679-4321

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