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Change their thinking
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Ready To Recharge Your Sales?

Optimize your company’s path to growth today!

Mike Dugan has the knowledge and experience necessary to help your company realize sustainable sales growth. He knows the appropriate tools to use for each unique situation – and when to use them. If like many SMB’s you are experiencing “a revolving door of sales people”, Mike can immediately limit that turnover – while simultaneously increasing the retention of your current sales team!
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Increase Your Revenue

Is your revenue falling flat?

Did you know (Harvard Business Review) that 85% of issues associated with flat, stagnant, or declining sales have nothing to do with your product/service? Most often the culprit issues lie within your “sales systems and processes” or lack thereof. The good news – these issues can be quickly and permanently fixed!
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Identify The Important Sale Tools You Need

Is your sales team lacking the appropriate sales tools required for success?

Is your compensation plan driving the behaviors you want? Did you know that 74% of SMB’s have compensation plans that drive the wrong behaviors? Does your sales team have a repeatable sales-process loaded into a digital CRM software platform? If not – you will absolutely struggle to grow your sales. Technology has made sales easier! Don’t compete with one arm tied behind your back because you don’t have the proper sales tools in place!
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Set Your Sales Process

Do your sales team have a consistent and repeatable ‘sales-process” (a road map for success)?

Consistency and repeatability are critical for sales success. If your team has varying methods of execution, you will fail. New sales people will develop very slowly, without a repeatable sales-process (road map for success) loaded into a digital CRM system. A well-constructed digital CRM will allow you to quickly diagnose and fix trouble-spots within your sales-process (and within your sales team) quickly and consistently!
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Mike Dugan, MBA
Virginia Beach, VA
Cell: 757-679-4321

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Mike Dugan is the most knowledgeable and experienced sales expert I have ever encountered. I was most impressed with his ability to build up a sales and marketing process in minute detail. In addition to that, Mike worked at my pace, which enabled me to figure out the right conclusions for my business. I highly recommend Mike. His focused approach will get your sales team on the right track.

Simon Matthews

CEO & President, Open Door Media Solutions, LLC