Taking an analytical approach to sales


Taking an analytical approach to sales
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Investment Sales Analysis®

Whether you are buying or selling a business, the due diligence process of understanding a company’s strengths and weaknesses is critical prior to investment or sale. Sales Xceleration’s Investment Sales Analysis® (ISA) service provides an in-depth evaluation of 16 key sales drivers to determine current sales infrastructure and identify the business’s buy-cycle stage based on actual revenue. 

Eliminate Surprises:

Sales Xceleration’s Investment Sales Analysis® empowers business owners and investors with an objective evaluation of key sales infrastructure components – disclosing how exposed a business is to experience leading or lagging sales growth.

Common Surprises Include:

  • A company can’t scale according to projections /expectations.
  • Uncovering – that the sales group isn’t capable of achieving desired results.
  • Building projections around the current book of business and the sales pipeline – only to find it’s not suitable to support the purchase!
  • Not having clear line of sight into how sales is adversely affecting business operations.
  • Identifying (late) that the sales system won’t allow the company to be ready for purchase or acquisition at deal time!

Companies Move Forward with Investment Sales Analysis® to:

  • Uncover hidden “hurdles” not typically found via the traditional due diligence process.
  • Gain insight from the nation’s most experienced VPs of Sales.
  • Decipher between arbitrary/optimistic opinions and FACT – regarding existing revenue and the projected/future opportunity pipeline. To verify what is factual!
  • Assess the likelihood of actually closing new business – as reported in the pipeline.
  • Strengthen a negotiating position.
  • Ascertain true & accurate opportunities for sales growth.
  • Acquire deeper sales analysis to assist in making-a-decision on whether an investment is sound

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Mike Dugan, MBA
Virginia Beach, VA
Cell: 757-679-4321

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I receive a lot of cold calls my phone, email and even LinkedIn from companies offering to help me build my business. Mike was one of those cold calls, but his personal and personalized approach stands head and shoulders above the others. Because they work from a script, most make invalid assumptions about me or my business and the first contact may even a computer-generated phone call that I terminate immediately, thus claim they can help me to bring in more “walk-in” customers, when I do not have a conventional “store front” and my clients have always been predominantly from outside of Virginia. When a cold call is indeed more personalized, I will tailor my reply to respond to a point or two in the message, and rarely receive a follow-up. Mike did respond and I was impressed with the insight of his follow-up questions of me and the amount of time he spent with me discussing my business. Clearly he takes time to get to know his customers and their businesses and makes no attempt to oversell or do a “bait & switch”. Ultimately, he said that he could not provide the services which would most benefit me, but would do some research to identify other resources he could recommend, and I had the same within 24 hours!

Michael Elwood Pollock

Inventor, Owner, Clean Room in a Box